May I be as brave in life, as I am on the road.

Snow and the czech republic

Okay okay okay. Time for me to write ya’ll!

Sorry it’s taken me a while, feels like I’ve been off in another country… maybe that’s cos I have! My apologies for those of you not interested in the many delightful details included here. Figured Iโ€™d just get the update out of the way in one go ๐Ÿ™‚

There is snow on the ground, everything is covered in it. For most people here it’s old news, the whole ‘snow thing’, but I’m loving it ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s absolutely beautiful, and I don’t have to shovel it, so no worries! It melts into odd shapes when there is a warm day and then refreezes. For a while I enjoyed kicking it when it was fresh and fluffy, and then kicked it one day after it had snowed again and it killed my toes!!! So I haven’t been kicking it as much anymore.

The indoor heating here is amazing, so I actually prefer winter here to Australia, when you wake up in the morning its practically like a summer morning ๐Ÿ™‚ nothing like the cold floor boards and tiles at home…

I have an official Czech phone number now, its listed on my page, itโ€™s free for me to receive calls, if you can negotiate the time difference!
When its 8am in Australia its 10pm here, so, day/night is opposite and add two hours for my time.
(I have a Skype account and headset but none of the uni computers have it. Perhaps when I am travelling and using net cafes).

So, what other news? Czech food is really odd. Constantly- pig, cheese, potatoes; most things are crumbed and fried. The main vegetables are cabbage and capsicum, which incidentally are called peppers or paprika? Go figure.

It has taken a while for me to find some restaurants that serve vegetables and to learn enough Czech to be able to order what I want and navigate the menu. In the meantime my immune system took an absolute beating from the milk content, and lack of nutritious food! Last night, this dilemma was officially resolved when we found a cheap restaurant, very close to the dorms, where they speak English, milk-free is no problem and I had the side dish ‘garlic broccoli’. Heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

The change from summer to winter was incredibly distinctive, my appetite skyrocketed, a lot of the time all I want to do is eat and sleep! Hibernation time.

I am taking the semester Czech language course and so far I can say-
good day, good bye, please, thank you, sorry, yes, no, allergic, milk, cream, cheese, where, how much. I’m sure my pronunciation is dreadful. I prefer learning Spanish, Cรณmo estรกs? Muy bien, gracias!

You have probably seen party pictures posted online from here in Brno. There is constantly something happening. I live in the international dorm with hundreds of people from all over the world who love to have a good time (bunch of alcoholics!!) Last Saturday night was the traffic light party, in celebration of Valentines Day. I was given a bottle of vanilla vodka and, wearing green, celebrate I did! The dignity and stomach took a week to recover from that one.

Every Wednesday there are themed parties at the mandarin club, you might’ve seen the awesome Australia Flag dress I created for the flag party, Czech it out ๐Ÿ™‚

Each week we have country presentations where people take it in turns to present their country to the other people. This week is my turn!!! What is Aussie? I am making a PowerPoint with Aussie songs, videos and pictures. DESCRIBE THE BOYS

As for Travel… Have been on a few excursions but haven’t left the Czech Republic yet. We went to the Czech opera and I slept solidly through the first half. Brno has it’s own castle, and a cathedral. They’re nice. I’m sure I will see more then my fair share of castles and cathedrals throughout Europe before I come home, they’re everywhere. Finally getting a sense of direction around this town…. you don’t realize how much we usually rely on being able to read signs! DESCRIBE MY FIRST NIGHT MEETING ENRIQUE

We went to a Czech brewery and Punkva caves and Machoca Abyss a fortnight ago. One of my darling new friends was absolutely mortified when she puked in a gorgeous historical cave… The look on her face still makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚ The other kid’s pics are on Facebook. The view of the sky, snow and lake out of the cave was absolutely breath taking! Stunning. It is my new happy place ๐Ÿ™‚ INTRODUCE ELLEN

Have started planning travel for when Uni finishes in May. Norway/Scandinavia (gonna need some serious warm clothes for that one), Croatia/Greece/Italy, France, Germany (and Prague again) is my short list. Can’t wait to go snow skiing, skating and snow boarding. YAY!
Plus, in the next few months the uni has excursions to Krakow in Poland, Budapest in Hungary, Slovakia and East Bohemia, Phew. I’m definitely becoming more familiar with the map of Europe in any case, since hanging a copy on my wall.

The thought of all the travel before me helps when my heart is aching for the comfort of home.

Random things:
-The beer really is that good, and really is as cheap as water.
– There is a bar just down from the dorm where the bar stools are big swings! Apparently this is fairly common in Europe. Love it!!!
– It may not surprise you to hearโ€ฆ I have cut and coloured my hair… again. Sorry Ariel ๐Ÿ˜›
– Postcards are coming soon, I promise!
– Have been having incredibly vivid dreams every night. Repeatedly dreaming that I’m back in Australia and trying to pack my suitcase for Europe. Why?!
– My first wisdom tooth is coming through my gum! Hopefully I won’t have to be shipped home for surgery
– Please can someone educate my mother in the ways of Facebook.

Please take care of each other. Much love!


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