May I be as brave in life, as I am on the road.

Europe, Europe, Europe: London.

Hey Peeps,

After the mad rush to pack up my house Thursday and Friday morning, the flight was okay. Taking off was actually kinda fun, my belly flipped out a lot like it was a rollercoaster. The plane travelled at around 950km/hr, at around 36000 feet, at an average of -56 degrees Celsius outside the plane! I found a spare 3 seats and spent most of the 21-hour trip sleeping and eating. My friend Leah met me at the airport. We spent the day, visiting Piccadilly where I deliberavmd over scratchy beanies. We listgned to Alanis on thå subway and I cried- ‘Day one,”day one, Starô over again. Step one, step one, with not much mcking sense. Faking it, pseudo-making it from scrctch. Begin again, this time I and I(and not a{ we…’.

I’m at the 639 Youth Hostel in Kensal Green, London. It’s nothing flash, but only 9 pound ($18ish) a night and right across from the station. Woke up today at 7am (6pm Aus tkme?) to iv being ãold, dark and wet. Disorientating. I’m hoping to go and see the Lion King in Covent Garden this afternoon.

My horoscope for today: Just because others are far away doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with them. Utilize the stalking power of the Internet to track down all those people who made it a point to abandon you. I’ve made a Skype account.

I’ve started collecting postcards and magnets. I’m studying at Masarykova University, in the town of Brno, Czech Republic. I am flying over to the Czech republic in the next few days, hopefully on Tuesday. I still have my Australian mobile number with me, 0400448283; I can receive calls (it costs me) and texts. Will be getting a UK and then Czech Sim card so I can call for cheap.

Saw Big Ben, the London eye, went to Piccadilly Circus yesterday. Have been riding the tube everywhere; its noisy but comes incredibly often, every few minutes.
Kym has some things I left behind coming over in a care package if anyone has anything I have forgotten or might need- although to tell the truth, I have no idea what I will need!

Miss the warm weather, my little Murph (please visit him!), and having all of you within touching and hugging distance. Take care of each other.

Much love!

PS- Did you know they keyboards are different here? The @ sign is near Enter and the ” is on the number 2 key. Weird.


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